Giants don't plan to make coaching changes before season ends

Giants looking closely at top quarterbacks ahead of 2018 NFL Draft

Giants looking closely at top quarterbacks ahead of 2018 NFL Draft

At 1-7 on the season, the team is a complete dumpster fire. "The way last week worked out, I think we're excited to go jump on a plane, go across the country and play in a ballgame". Then again, every team isn't dealing with anonymous leaks that ripped its head coach. "Everything's supposed to be in-house, and for something like that to be said is like, I don't know, it's like a rat or somebody in the locker room".

Sheppard said, "I'm back where I wanted to be from the get-go".

On Thursday, Dan Graziano of cited a source who said the Giants won't make changes to the coaching staff or front office until the 2017 campaign ends. "When you have a setback like we did last week, and some fake news, I guess you can call it this week, some drama".

Defensive lineman Damon Harrison said something similar.

Apart from dealing with the Giants' struggles on the field, McAdoo is also having headaches with a seemingly divided locker room that has some players speaking against him and some shielding him from getting most of the blame for what is essentially a lost season for the franchise.

"It's not an issue".

"It's not an issue", McAdoo said. It's not an issue for the team. "I thought they did a great job". We can handle it. Others may think they should become best buds with Sigmund Freud's descendants, but they do have one thing on their side upcoming: a game against a team worse than them.

"I don't think it's taken a toll", he said.

Asked whether he has spoken to Giants president John Mara since the Rams loss, he said, "I'm going to keep my personal and private conversations personal and private". "I feel like we got a close-knit group and I don't know how something like that could have been said, basically".

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