Experiencing a cellular outage on AT&T? This simple step should fix it

Possible outage affecting iPhone users with AT&T

Reports of national outage for AT&T customers

Many frustrated users replied to the tweet saying that restarting didn't resolve the problem, however.

Users reported having issues with connectivity, audio issues and network issues making domestic calls.

Telecommunications company AT&T told its customers on Wednesday evening that they may need to restart their device in order to regain cellular service following a massive service outage.

According to DownDetector, more than 6,000 customer service requests had poured in by 6 p.m. EST.

AT&T said in a statement that it is aware of the outage. People from all over the country reported similar problems with their cell service on AT&T's twitter account.

AT&T Inc on Wednesday said that some US customers were not able to make wireless calls but that restarting their cellphones would fix the issue.

A nationwide AT&T outage prompted at least one Bay Area city to launch emergency measures to make sure that people could still make 911 calls.

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