Escaped psych patient who flew to San Jose from Hawaii in custody

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Honolulu prosecutor, Wayne Tashima, warned the public that Saito is a "very unsafe individual" and advised those who see him to not approach.

Hawaii authorities are searching for Saito, who escaped from Hawaii State Hospital in Honolulu on Sunday.

A man who admitted to killing a woman escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Hawaii and may be in the Bay Area, authorities said. Kim said he received word that Saito had been arrested Wednesday. Her body was found in her auto at a Honolulu shopping mall.

Security officers at San Jose International Airport, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshals Service, reviewed surveillance footage from the airport, airport spokesman Jon Vaden told ABC News. He boarded another plane from there, police said.

Those who have fought to keep Saito away from the community for years warn he is psychopathic and risky.

Police say he arrived in San Jose two hours before hospital staff reported his disappearance.

It wasn't immediately known how he was able to charter a plane.

The Hawaii State Department of Health, which runs the Hawaii State Hospital, said earlier it was "cooperating with law enforcement officials to provide them with the information they need in order to conduct their search for the missing patient".

Saito has repeatedly attempted to get released from the state hospital, a move vehemently opposed by prosecutors. And in 2002, in a Honolulu Advertiser article, prosecutors questioned why Saito was granted unescorted leave from the facility.

He filed for a conditional release in 1993 but was denied after the court said he still had an attraction to necrophilia and suffered from sadistic, sexual urges that made him a danger to the community.

The state Department of Health operates the hospital, which houses over 300 patients in Kaneohe.

The suspensions come after Randall Saito left the Hawaii State Hospital on Sunday morning.

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