Donkeys jailed for destroying 'expensive' plants, Twitter reacts

Donkeys jailed for destroying 'expensive' plants, Twitter reacts

Donkeys jailed for destroying 'expensive' plants, Twitter reacts

The animals were thought to be no worse off for their four days spent in detention.

Jail superintendent Tulsi Ram Sharma said, "Various types of saplings were planted in the district jail premises for beautification".

In a state where the police machinery was previously put into action to locate a minister's missing buffalos, the donkeys failed to get any political backing for four days before a local politician came to the rescue and posted the bail amount. The BJP leader accompanied Kamlesh to police station and secured release of the donkeys.

In fact, the tweet was addressed to NDTV, asking the popular television news channel to "check its facts" with the UP police officials before reporting on anything to do with the department next time.

The donkeys (not pictured) were thrown behind bars for four days after chowing down on the pricey plants. The plants were reportedly worth Rs 5 lakh. "So we detained the donkeys", head constable RK Mishra told ANI.

In India, no person - or animal - can escape the law. "Hence, I rounded them up", he said.

As they left Orai jail yesterday, their concerned owner Kamlesh - who had been frantically searching for his livestock after they were locked up - was waiting to meet them. Kamlesh said that in spite of repeated requests from him, the policemen at the jail refused to release the animals.

The donkeys were freed on Monday after a local politician of the state's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) intervened in the wake of a plea by the owner of the donkeys.

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