Dodgers congratulate Astros for World Series win in full page newspaper ad

Jose Altuve and Marwin Gonzalez, celebrating after clinching the American League West two weeks ago have seen the highs and lows of Astros in their Houston careers

Jose Altuve Made A Fan Cry Tears Of Joy At Disney World

Jose Altuve was spotted on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after the big win.

Life has been a little sweeter for the Houston Astros since they won the World Series. On Thursday, he joined Jimmy Fallon in NY for "The Tonight Show". About 1 million people showed up downtown on Friday to celebrate the team's victory in an epic parade.

That might seem like a lot of travel, but then came Saturday.

The comedienne began cracking jokes at the Astros' expense when Weekend Update host Colin Jost mentioned the Yankees' ALCS series loss to the Astros, prompting the three players to confront Jones in an attempt to change her mind. According to the Astros, the fan is from Venezuela which is also the home country of Altuve. Leslie Jones opened the segment by explaining why she was suddenly a diehard baseball fan - and a fan of the Yankees.

Bregman presented Jones with her own Astros jersey, and Altuve gave her a baseball.

Either way, the Astros definitely got the full SNL experience, standing on the stage at the end of the night with the likes of Larry David, Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus.

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