Doctor Who: In Defense of the 13th Doctor's Outfit

See Jodie Whittaker in full costume as the new Doctor Who

Doctor Who: In Defense of the 13th Doctor's Outfit

Whittaker's outfit hasn't been out for long, but fans are already sharing fanart of it, and it probably won't be too long until we start seeing Thirteenth Doctor cosplay at conventions. As you can see below, she's got an overcoat, blue trousers, suspenders, and a rainbow stripe on her shirt.

Throw in some sturdy boots, and this Doctor means business (and, we may add, is rather stylish).

The BBC have shared this scintillating shot of the Thirteenth Doctor across their social media, depicting her atop some pretty idyllic clifftops.

It shows the Doctor dressed in a long coat, striped T-Shirt and high-waisted pants.

Clearly, Whittaker and the Doctor Who showrunners are embracing change! And it seems well-received by fans, who thought her costume looked fantastic.

We've also got word about the new Doctor's companions.

Doctor Who Series 10, which wrapped up this summer, marked the third and final series starring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. The suspenders, which some are vocal about hating, is obviously a callback to Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. Finally, the stipes on her shirt are also an echo of Doctors past, with the pattern and colors used calling back to Tom Baker's iconic striped scarf.

She will make her first onscreen appearance as the Doctor in this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time, on BBC One.

"[The First Doctor] goes into the Twelfth Doctor's Tardis and says 'it's a bit dusty around here, it's in an very bad state isn't it?"

The Broadchurch and Attack the Block star will be the 13 Doctor - and the first woman - since the series began in 1963.

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