Dish Network gets CBS back after brief service blackout

Dish Network gets CBS back after brief service blackout

Dish Network gets CBS back after brief service blackout

Hours after millions of viewers were unable to watch the Chargers-Cowboys football game on Thanksgiving Day afternoon, Dish Network and CBS reached a multi-year fee agreement, ending the blackout that kept the game off the airwaves. CBS said in a statement Wednesday morning that "we obviously want to strike a fair deal" but "we remain far apart on terms". The blackout severely impacted several major markets including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta and Boston. Dish doesn't share exactly how much it pays CBS to retransmit its channels, but CBS's CEO Les Moonves estimated the network charges traditional cable companies $2 per subscriber at Goldman Sachs' Communacopia media conference earlier this year.

The blackout affected almost 4 million Dish Network subscriber homes - including 400,000 in the Los Angeles region.

The two sides were fighting over the fees CBS wanted from Dish for retransmission.

That scenario recently played out between CBS and DISH.

In a statement, CBS asserted Dish's failure to negotiate "a fair carriage deal that reflects the current marketplace", is a common business practice for the company.

The agreement came after Dish subscribers missed on NFL football game and before they missed more college and pro football over the weekend.

The agreement, reached late Thursday, means Dish subscribers in Boise and other cities once again have access to CBS content.

Local stations owned by CBS went dark Tuesday morning on the Dish system.

Dish had offered free digital antennas and installation to its subscribers in the affected markets so they could continue to watch CBS programming and gave them the option to drop their local channels from their programming package, saving $10 on their monthly bill.

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