Confusion shouldn't stop patients from buying health insurance

Credit Andrew Harnik  AP

Credit Andrew Harnik AP

As laws change, students need to keep themselves informed so that they are not caught off guard and they do not get fined, or worse, for violating laws that they did not know were in place.

"News coming out of D.C. would make you think is shut down", Lepore-Hagan said, who added: "The news of health care's demise is frankly fake news".

Americans only have a few weeks to decide on a 2018 health plan. The White House also cut spending on health care navigators, counselors who helped customers decide which insurance was best suited for them, by about 40%.

"People may find they can qualify for free coverage under a bronze plan and in some areas, they may find that the gold plan is cheaper than the silver plan", Pollitz notes.

New York Times: As Open Enrollment For Obamacare Begins, Confusion Reigns - "In fact, the Affordable Care Act has survived blow after blow since President Trump took office in January, including repeated attempts by Congress to repeal it".

That compares with only around 100,000 for the same day previous year, according to, citing a source close to the enrollment process. In other words, it's possible that Trump put so much effort into condemning "Obamacare", that it led to greater public awareness and ultimately gave the start of the open-enrollment period a boost.

Health insurance is required in order to avoid paying a fine.

Despite the Trump administration's continued efforts to sabotage our nation's health care system, the health insurance marketplace is open for business. If you don't, you are likely to be fined. This fee will be paid at tax time.

A four-person household headed by a hypothetical 50-year-old could make almost $37,000 and be eligible for free "bronze" coverage. Importantly, coverage can not be denied because of pre-existing or chronic conditions like cancer or diabetes. Preventive services include things like screening tests and shots.

"There's only five weeks to go before the final deadline of December 15 so we've got a lot of work to do to enroll even more people", said Lodes, referring to the sign-up deadline for The Jefferson Area Board for Aging says the ACA is still working for those with lower incomes who normally can not afford health insurance. CHIP also has a special section for pregnant women.

Lee argues, based on the state's study, that if the federal government spent at the same rate as California on outreach - 1.4% of premiums, or $480 million - over three years, the benefits would more than make up for the expense by bringing 2 million more people onto the markets and lowering premiums by 3%. According to PGH Global, the PGH student program may also cover eligible students with dependents such as children and spouses under 26 years of age.

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