Call of Duty: WWII was accidentally launched with double XP activated

Call of Duty | 4 hours

Call of Duty | 4 hours

Overall, the game is stable, however we know that P2P brings things like Host Migrations and other issues that make for inconsistent gameplay experiences. This level of data and diagnostics is helping us work toward a permanent solution as quickly as possible.

On one hand, it's odd and unacceptable that a paid-for product and live service straight up isn't delivering on what it's suppose to - especially in a game that's mostly based on online play. Over the weekend, it tested the use of a few dedicated servers "in limited markets" without causing additional issues with connectivity, but it's not clear when the full implementation will take place.

Sledgehammer Games says that their first priority is returning to dedicated servers.

Call of Duty: WW2 developer Sledgehammer accidentally gave all players double XP from the launch of the game - and have only now turned it off. As a result, we moved to P2P (listen) servers.

On Sunday night a patch rolled out to PS4 and Xbox One that deployed a potential fix for game disconnects, that they are monitoring. Regardless, it's clear that Sledgehammer and the community have a long road ahead before Call of Duty: WW2's online multiplayer is in a playable state. But we get it, headquarters is best enjoyed with a thriving, fully populated social community interacting together.

Calling the launch of the game and the days after a "whirlwind", Sledgehammer Games reiterated that their top priority is providing an enjoyable online experience to players. Hirshberg hinted that Call of Duty could return to its other time-periods and sub-franchises, but as of now, the focus is on WWII. Are you psyched about going back to boots on the ground combat?

Call of Duty: WWII might well have been Advanced Warfare 2, had Activision not asked Sledgehammer Games to turn back to the series's historical roots.

We're seeing a new Call of Duty, or rather a return to a more classic Call of Duty game and while things could change with updates, if you are hooked on this game, buy the Season Pass now.

Anyone who has been playing WWII since launch has essentially earned a huge head start in multiplayer.

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