Apple rolls out fix for iPhone autocorrect bug

Apple launches P2P payments beta in US

Apple now has a fully-year app dev course in 20 universities

Once users updated the public beta of iOS 11.2, they will see an Apple Pay button in the apps section of Messages that allows you to initiate a payment. Consider your outrage heard, given that Apple could have waited to fix until the forthcoming 11.2 update; Reportedly, some Global Positioning System issues with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are fixed in the 11.2 beta. It is available now and on the latest iOS 11.2 beta update.

With the release of the update, that workaround should no longer be necessary. As the very small number incrementation shows you, it's not a big feature update, only a bug fixing release.

iOS users on the iPhone and iPad should be able to update their devices to iOS 11.1.1 right now, and with the update it looks like Apple has managed to resolve the issue.

The feature is now available to developers and members of the public using the latest iOS 11.2 beta.

Apple's heavily-touted Venmo rival will enable contacts to send and receive cash, with funds stored on an virtual Apple Pay Cash debit card. It is also worth noting that while debit card transfers using Apple Pay Cash are free, transfers using credit card charges a nominal fee of three percent. To use Text Replacement, just go to the Settings menu on your iOS device, then tap General, and tap Keyboard. Users need to have two-step verification set up on their phones for Apple Pay Cash to work.

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