Amazon's Bezos sees wealth top $100bn amid Black Friday boost

Jeff Bezos Of Amazon Now Worth $100 Billion Thanks To Black Friday

Amazon's Bezos sees wealth top $100bn amid Black Friday boost

According to TMZ, thanks to the consumerist extravaganza that is Black Friday, the Amazon CEO's net worth crossed the $100 billion line. Shares of the world's largest online retailer jumped more than 2 percent on the expectation that Amazon will report a big uptick in Black Friday sales figures, compared to prior years.

As holiday shopping dies down over the next few weeks, Bezos' fortune could fluctuate to below the $100 billion mark. As pointed by the report, online sales increased by 18.4 percentage in comparison to past year as reported by Adobe Analytics.

In July, Bezos had pipped Bill Gates to briefly become the world's richest person for the first time.

He is trailed by Bill Gates - who saw his fortune reach above $100bn in 1996, the first in the world - when the value of Microsoft surged on Wall Street.

But as the company continues to grow, Mr Bezos has seen his wealth increase by $32.6bn in the past year alone.

His current wealth is estimated at $86.8bn, but analysts say he would be worth $150bn had he not given away some 700 million in shares in Microsoft and $2.9bn to charity after re-inventing himself as a philanthropist.

Bezos' unprecedented explosion in wealth is impressive, but somewhat damaged by his reputation for not giving to charity as much as his peers, like Gates and Warren Buffet.

Bezos, who surpassed Gates as the world's richest man in October, suggested he knew he needed to up his philanthropy earlier this year when he took to Twitter to ask for ideas. It will also be interesting to see whether or not he will announce anything significant in the way of philanthropic endeavors in the short term.

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