Alabama's Collin Sexton Drops 40 Points Leading 3-Man Team Vs Minnesota

Rare 3-on-5 college basketball game breaks out after on-court altercation

Alabama Plays with 3 Players vs. Minnesota After Brawl Ejections, Injury

But that came after the Crimson Tide had just three players on the court for the final 10 minutes of the second half - and trailed by a double-digit margin when they were handed the major disadvantage.

The remaining three men outscored Minnesota's five players 30-22, according to ESPN, and almost gave the team a run for their money, quickly chipping away at their deficit.

Alabama's Collin Sexton and Minnesota's Nate Mason earned a double technical for a heated back and forth. Both players drew technical fouls, and Mason drew a second when he kept on talking.

The Crimson Tide were making a run early in the second half and cut the Minnesota lead to 57-50 with 13:43 to play after Riley Norris knocked down a 3-pointer. At this moment, every player on Alabama's bench took a few steps onto the floor before catching their mistake.

Rare 3-on-5 college basketball game breaks out after on-court altercation
Alabama finishes game with three players on the court after bench-clearing brawl

While they made it competitive against all odds, the Crimson Tide did eventually fall short.

Sexton finished the game with 40 points (12-22 FG), 6 rebounds and 5 assists in 36 minutes.

Shockingly, despite playing two men down for the final stretch, Alabama was able to cut into Minnesota's lead, at one point trailing by just three points with minutes left in the game.

Chaos followed, with several players getting into a shoving match and drawing the Crimson Tide bench onto the court. Under any other circumstances, a No. 14 team would rise in the polls after beating a fellow ranked team, but the Gophers don't even deserve to be in the top-25 after this catastrophe.

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