' We're on the Right Path': Trump Responds to Senator Corker's WWIII Accusations

Trump then said that Corker was partly responsible for the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump had already characterized and one of the worst deals in history. Trump reacted by tweeting that Corker had decided not to run for reelection in 2018 because the president refused to endorse Corker.

Corker's comments, first made via Twitter and later in an interview with the New York Times, came in response to an extraordinary feud instigated by Trump and marked the sharpest rebuke of this president by a senior Republican officeholder.

When Obama didn't do that, Corker helped fellow senators write legislation that subjected the global accord to periodic congressional review.

- If Tennessee Senator Bob Corker thought retirement might be the easy way out of Washington, he may have to reconsider his rather surprising decision. "I said "NO" and he dropped out (said he could not win without my endorsement)".

"I know they're recording it", Corker said of his aides who were also on the line with him and a Times reporter.

"The vast majority of our caucus understand what we're dealing with here. they understand the volatility that we are dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes from people around [Trump] to keep him in the middle of the road", Corker continued. "Didn't have the guts to run!"

Corker, the former mayor of Chattanooga, has said in recent days that Trump behaves as if he's still on a reality TV show, that White House aides have to run an adult day care, and Corker suggested Trump's bluster and threats toward North Korea could set the USA on a path to World War III. "I think we are well on our way". Corker had been an ally and personal friend to the president before they developed a public feud on social media. Corker also helped tutor Trump on foreign affairs, and he in turn considered the senator as a possible running mate and secretary of state.

In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly last month, Trump threatened that the United States "will have no choice but to totally destroy" DPRK if forced to defend itself or its allies. "I don't think so at all", he said.

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