Verstappen to stay at Red Bull until 2020

Max Verstappen

Verstappen is the youngest race winner in F1 history

The Dutchman passed Raikkonen for third place on the final lap of the grand prix only to be slapped with a five-second penalty.

The stewards in Austin were Radovan Novak, Mika Salo and Garry Connelly - the last of whom was also adjudicating when Verstappen was demoted from third to fourth at last year's Mexican GP.

"So we complained about that and the stewards were there, Charlie [Whiting, F1 race director] was there and we were there, and there we agreed all together that the stewards would not interfere".

"This decision is the worst I've ever seen", Lauda, a Mercedes non-executive chairman, told reporters. He [Verstappen] did nothing wrong. "It was the beginning of a year ago". "It is very hard and when we're in drivers' briefings, we're always discussing it..."

"Next strategy [group] meeting we need to bring it up to the agenda and start it all over again".

"We agreed all together that unless it is risky, the stewards would not interfere".

"It was a normal overtaking". Very simple. If they drive over each other and go upside down, only then they will come in to the stewards.

"I think we all know where the track limits are and if you go over the white lines in certain places it is OK, but if you do it while you are passing people we all know you're going to get issues afterwards".

"It is odd, as here (The US Grand Prix) you couldn't used to go wide on exit of nine, and now you can go over the track, and last corner you can just go over the big curb".

"As long as there is normal circuit, you can use it". We can go on the power 10 minutes earlier and just go wide. I'm sure that if we had started from the qualifying position we deserved, our pace would have been enough to get us a much better result. "Coupled with a committed work ethic and a mature approach to learning his craft that belies his years, Max is right to be hungry for success and we are looking forward to extending that journey with him in our hunt for Formula One World Championships". "But don't say to everyone else you can run off the track wherever you like, because they never gave any penalties and then I do it and they give me a penalty".

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