Tropical Storm Ophelia close to becoming a hurricane

Tropical Storm Ophelia close to becoming a hurricane

Tropical Storm Ophelia close to becoming a hurricane

Ophelia could brush by the Azores this weekend.

Right now, Ophelia is moving east at about 3 miles per hour and is expected to gradually turn northeast by Thursday night.

National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecaster Stewart noted on October 10 at 1:44 p.m. EDT "Convective banding has continued to become better defined since the previous advisory, and an eye-like feature has developed in the center of the convection".

The hurricane center expects Ophelia to top out as a Category 1 hurricane with 80 miles per hour winds before becoming a post-tropical or extra-tropical system toward the end of the 5-day forecast period.

Tropical Storm Ophelia continues to strengthen as it moves to the southeast and its forecast to become a hurricane by late Wednesday or early Thursday.

More information about the hurricane can be found online. The other years with ten consecutive hurricanes are 1878, 1886 and 1893.

On August 9th, the National Hurricane Center updated their 2017 outlook and predicted it was going to be an above average season. This type of post-analysis occurs after every hurricane season, sometimes leading to the addition of previously unnamed storms or tweaking of tropical cyclone intensities.

Forecasters say Ophelia is expected to become a hurricane by Thursday.

While Ophelia may lose the technical aspects that make it a hurricane, it could still pack a punch.

With the organization of Tropical Storm Ophelia, there have now been 15 named storms this season.

The Weather Network forecast that Ophelia will merge with another system as it approaches the United Kingdom and Ireland before veering east. Strongest winds are far from the center and higher in the atmosphere.

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