Tom Hardy's Venom Will Be A Motion-Capture Creation

Tom Hardy will play Venom using performance capture More

Tom Hardy will play Venom using performance capture More

Before The Amazing Spider-Man movies underperformed and Sony made a deal with Marvel to allow the web-slinger to hang out with The Avengers, there were plans for various spin-offs surrounding The Sinister Six, Venom, and much more. Oh yes, and if not, the gentleman with the cap, it looks like a little director Ruben Fleischer, who has previously worked on Welcome to Zombieland.

Check out the image below, and check back here for more news on Venom and the rest of Sony's superhero movie slate as news develops. We discovered that even here on a filming of blockbuster launched with full balls (Venom is expected on screens americans in just one year, the October 5, 2018), there are types that are capable of taking blurry pictures.

Andy Serkis recently spoke to Yahoo!

Tom Hardy has faced the hurdles of acting with masks covering his face and his eyes for many of his most famous roles - so motion-capture technology should be a piece of cake.

"Acting is acting, and the more actors - like Steve Zahn... and Karin Konoval who plays Maurice in "War For The Planet of the Apes" - the more A-list actors that come on board, like Mark Rylance playing The BFG, or a lot of actors in the new Marvel films..."

While Serkis doesn't come right out and say that Hardy's "new character" is Venom, it's hard to see how that isn't the case. It all points up 'What is the nature of acting?' and there is no difference between acting wearing a costume and make-up, or wearing a motion capture suit.

The upcoming Venom movie has officially started production, starring Tom Hardy as the deadly supervillain.

Serkis is not in the Venom movie, but he is in Black Panther, which will also use the same technology for the character's outfit.

Also of note here is Serkis' continued push for credibility of performance capture.

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