Tesla recalls 11000 Model X SUVs over possible seat issue

This is the second seat-related recall for Tesla's Model X. Back in April 2016, the automaker recalled 2,700 Model X SUVs after discovering a faulty hinge could cause the third-row seats to fall forward in the event of a crash.

The models affected are those built between October 28, 2016 and August 16, 2017.

Tesla says that it hasn't had any reports of issues relating to the seat problem, but will be conducting a voluntary recall. During internal tests, the company found that poorly-adjusted cables connected to the driver's side second-row seat yanked it forward during a crash.

Tesla said it noticed the issue during recent internal testing.

Tesla has started to inform Model X owners about the recall, and they can contact Tesla's mobile fix units or visit a dealer to get the issue fixed.

The company started to inform customers about the recall on Thursday.

Fortunately the fix isn't too hard, and you can even have a Tesla technician visit you at your home if you prefer - it takes about 10 minutes to correct the fault, and then you can drive away safe in the knowledge that all your auto seats are going to stay in place.

"Until then, there is no issue with continuing to drive your Model X", Tesla wrote in the email.

Manufacturers' Monthly was informed by a Tesla spokesperson that letters have been issued to Australian owners of the SUVs about the recall order.

It's important to stress that this recall is voluntary, and that means it can't be too serious.

Tesla is taking a proactive action to ensure the safety of some of Model X owners who may need an adjustment to their second row seat. In the spring of past year it recalled 2,700 Model X SUVS because of locking hinge in the third-row seats that didn't work. We can address 100% of these repairs via mobile service, and you will have the choice to do that or to bring in your vehicle to a Service Center.

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