'SWIM Across the Sound' fundraiser raising awareness for breast cancer

Fighter Kayla finally went into remission after her treatment

Fighter Kayla finally went into remission after her treatment

She said her organisation was dedicated to bringing male breast cancer survivors together to share their journey in hopes of spreading awareness of breast cancer in men.

"After that I became a true warrior and I share my story with just about everybody I meet", said Regina Smith, a breast cancer survivor.

"I am a three year survivor, Whoo", Wikerson said. "Ten years ago we decided we could be a little more than that and make this a picnic in the park".

Between 10,000 to 12,000 people participated in the walk.

Politicians, breast cancer ambassadors, the clergy, students, teachers, farmers and civil society organizations walked in solidarity for the cure.

All of the proceeds from Saturday's event will go toward the John Stoddard Cancer Center.

"I have other family members and friends who are survivors and it is absolutely encouraging to see everyone fighting the fight to the very last breath", Wilkerson said.

Windberg said the Survivors BBQ is an incredible show of support and an opportunity to connect with others affected by the disease.

"A positive attitude will help you get through the day, but there will be days that it's extremely hard", Smith said.

These rates highlight the importance of detecting breast cancer early when treatments are more effective.

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