Sony to Announce Seven Brand New Games at Paris Games Week

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Facebook NightInTheWoodsGamePromotional image for"Night in the Woods game

Sony's E3 2017 was rather tight on new game announcements, but Paris Games Week 2017 might very well make up for that. Starting from 9 AM Pacific Time, they will cover these titles in detail with trailers and in-depth looks at each of them.

But plan to tune in early at 8:00am! The event will be live streamed on, Twitch, and Facebook. Sony's Paris Games Week show kicks off at 8 AM Pacific Time this coming Monday, October 30. The PSVR being tied to such a major game publisher has also allowed a number of AAA-quality games to come to it- even though they can't take advantage of PC's devastating brute force, there's a lot more focus on graphical fidelity with PSVR games.

Most of these announcements will probably be about small indie titles. There is a possible teaser for "Last of Us". That was four months ago, and now that the dust and disappointment has settled, looking ahead to Paris Games Week, Sony promises fans that "E3 was only half the story". They'll then use the Media Showcase to give us a look at the new wave of PlayStatation titles. The answer is quite simple "NO" Sony announced on Monday that they would be showing special PlayStation Media Showcase during Paris Games Week on October 30 of this year.

Now - PlayStation community won't have to get too hype for the event just by seeing the number 7 - there is every possibility that these 7 games could be mid-range games that are not going to appeal to the majority of the PlayStation 4 fan base.

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