Possible serial killer on loose; Florida police link 3 separate murders

Possible serial killer on loose; Florida police link 3 separate murders

Possible serial killer on loose; Florida police link 3 separate murders

Interim Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan told "FOX & Friends Weekend" that the only link between the three victims was that each one was all alone at the time of their murder.

Dugan asked the public to look at surveillance video of a man who was walking in the area on October 9 when Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was killed.

A recent high school graduate who had autism, investigators say Naiboa had accidentally taken the wrong bus home and ended up in the Seminole Heights neighborhood where he was shot to death around 8;00 p.m. Thursday night.

The reward, offered by Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay and ATF, comes following the identification of a third victim.

According to WFLA, officers patrolling the area heard gunshots and found the young man's body minutes later. When the officers finally found Naiboa, he was already dead and there was no sign of the shooter.

"I'm not really afraid but I'm just afraid for the neighborhood", said resident Rodrick Johnson.

A 20-year-old Tampa Bay, Fla., man with special needs appears to be the latest victim of a possible serial killer who has shot and killed three people in Tampa's Seminole Heights neighborhood.

People carried on as normal Saturday morning in Southeast Seminole Heights, even along residential 15th Street, where two of the three victims were shot.

Naiboa was shot just 200 yards from where another victim, Benjamin Mitchen, 22, was murdered on October 9. Our officers found Anthony Naiboa out there. Police said these three people were killed at random. "We think they're related".

Police are not labeling the suspect as a serial killer at this point, and they are frustrated with the unsolved cases, Dugan said. "We don't know their race, their ethnicity, their sex", Dugan said. Morgan Matthews said he is scared about what could happen next. "Like me, I'm scared to come around this area now", she said. "If that brings attention to it, that's fine".

Chief Dugan says anyone traveling alone in the area of the murders will be considered one of two things for now.

"We believe it's the same person", Dugan said, noting at this time, they have no motive or leads in the murders.

Naiboa's mother, Maria Rodriguez, told Fox 13 that she became anxious when her son wouldn't answer his phone Thursday night.

The killings have Seminole Heights residents on edge.

"We believe it's the same person", said Dugan, who added that investigators do not know what is motivating the murders.

"We're not going to be held hostage", Dugan said. "And, just not tolerate this type of terrorism in the neighborhood".

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