Overwatch's Halloween Terror Event is Live, Check Out All the Features

3 of 7JunkratImage via Blizzard Entertainment

3 of 7JunkratImage via Blizzard Entertainment

Thus far developer Blizzard has only officially revealed new skins for Reaper and McCree, but images of a few more appear to recently leaked via Facebook.

The leaked skins from earlier in the week have been proven to be accurate. (For skins, mind you - we got enough junk food.) You can buy these in the game now, in case you want to stock up!

The event runs through November 1.

The second annual Halloween Terror event for Overwatch will include the return of last year's arcade game mode, Junkenstein's Revenge, and a new one called Endless Night.

We have to say that the new skins and items for Halloween this year are looking pretty awesome, so do check it out in the launch trailer above.

The return of the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl marks the first recycled seasonal event - but since we only got a month to play it previous year, it's hard to complain.

They can also team up with other three players and fight against the forces of evil come back from the death especially for not one but two Junkenstein's Revenge-themed brawls. There are also new emotes and victory poses for you completionists. There are over 140 items available, and if you happened to miss out on any of the Loot Box drops past year, these items can be purchased with credits for a discounted price.

During this time, new skins will be available on a limited edition basis.

Overwatch Halloween Terror is clearly what we all Overwatch fans have been waiting for this year.

During the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event, skins were available to unlock via the credits system.

We suspect and assume Blizzard will use a similar structure for their new and returning Halloween skins.

"Now Junkenstein plans his revenge against the Lord of Adlersbrunn, and only four heroes stand in the way".

Blizzard is yet to announce pricing and event details, so stay tuned for more information.

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