Obama to report for jury duty in Chicago

Obama, of course has made Washington, DC his primary residence since leaving the White House.

Former President Obama has been called for service on a Chicago jury.

Obama is eligible to vote in Chicago, still owns a property in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood, and once served as a senior lecturer at the Chicago Law School before he was elected president.

The event, "Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal", was held at Texas A&M and featured performances by Sam Moore, Yolanda Evans, Lyle Lovett and a special guest appearance from Lady Gaga - and it apparently also featured a little comedy from George W. Bush.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans announced during a budget meeting Friday that Obama would serve, the Chicago Tribune reported. He later told the Tribune that necessary precautions would be taken to accommodate security and scheduling needs.

Judge says Obama "made it crystal-clear he would carry out his public duty as a citizen and resident of this community".

The 44th president has been called to serve as a juror at a Cook County court in November. Obama could sit in on criminal cases or civil hearings.

Mr Evans told the the Chicago Tribune that Obama's safety will be "uppermost in our minds" when he serves. "It's crucial that our society get the benefit of that kind of commitment".

Barack Obama has fulfilled his civic duty as president.

Apparently, not even an ex-leader of the free world can escape jury duty - a job average citizens frequently try to avoid.

"If the former President can show up for jury duty what excuse do you have?" In fact, he will be a willing juror in court, according to reports.

While serving as vice president, Joe Biden was called for jury duty in DE in January 2011. Oprah Winfrey was selected in 2004 for a murder trial where the defendant was found guilty.

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