Nissan GT-R driven with PlayStation DualShock controller hits 211km/h

Nissan GT-R driven with PlayStation DualShock controller hits 211km/h

Nissan GT-R driven with PlayStation DualShock controller hits 211km/h

The company has transformed the Nissan GT-R into the biggest remote control vehicle, which can be controlled using DualShock 4 controller to make the GT-R /C.

It was the flawless opportunity for Jann to show off his skills after he made it to the top tier of racing after impressing in Nissan's GT Academy that takes amateur gamers and gives them a shot at real-life motorsport. Behind the... wheel (??) was NISMO racing driver Jann Mardenborough who was hovering close by in a Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter.

In celebration of Gran Turismo Sport for the PS4, Nissan creates a one-off project auto that is modded to be driven via a PS4 controller.

To lap one of the short circuits at Silverstone, Mardenborough jumped into the passenger seat of a helicopter and controlled the Japanese sports vehicle from above.

It works by linking the unmodified DualShock®4 to a microcomputer which then interpreted every button bash and transmitted the commands to the onboard systems inside the GT-R /C.

No stranger to a gamepad then, Jann clocked a fastest lap of 1 minute 17 seconds with an average speed of 76mph, hitting a top speed of 131 miles per hour. Six computers also connected everything together and were able to make adjustments up to 100 times per second. The wireless operation has a primary control range of one kilometer.

Since taking out the GT Academy in 2011, Mardenborough has gone on to become a full-time professional driver for Nissan in Japan. A Racelogic VBox Motorsport sensor relays speed data to the "remote" driver.

James Brighton, JLB Design Ltd, added: "The GT-R /C presented some unique challenges and a number of engineering firsts for us".

In case Mardenborough's wireless connection was lost, the auto was also fitted with two independent safety systems that allowed two additional operators to slam on the ABS brakes and cut power to the engine if need be.

Mardenborough described it as "once-in-a-lifetime, truly epic stuff".

The Nissan GT-R/C which was powered by the stock 3.6-litre twin-turbo V6 engine now go on tour of schools around the United Kingdom as it bids to get students interested in engineering, math, science, and technology.

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