New Zealand PM-designate confirms review of central bank act

Change of government Jacinda Ardern with 37 youngest prime minister

New Zealand PM-elect announces 28-member Cabinet

Labour has already said it wants to add employment to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's mandate, alongside inflation, to give it a dual target.

"Our policies, the ones we campaigned on, unless otherwise stated remain exactly the same".

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters backed Ardern to rule on Thursday after 12 days of negotiations, even though her Labour Party finished second in the September 23 election when the ruling National Party failed to secure a majority.

"I accept that small businesses in particular are going to be concerned about this", she said. We will reduce inequality and poverty and improve the well-being of all New Zealanders and the environment we live in.

But during the election, despite being "one of their own", the town became the centre of protests against Ardern's plans for a water tax.

Ms Ardern asserted strongly she would "completely disagree" with those who say she has rolled over and let Winston Peters get more than his fair share of concessions.

Ardern, 37, will be New Zealand's youngest leader in more than 150 years, and hopes to take the country on a more liberal path following nine years of rule by the conservatives. Next month, trade ministers from the TPP group are due to present their proposal for the future of the deal to leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.

When an Australian journalist wanted to find out how to correctly pronounce the name of New Zealand's incoming prime minister, he - unwittingly - went straight to the top.

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