New security rules in effect on Thursday

Passengers on all flights are now required to remove all devices larger than a mobile phone from their carry-on luggage for screening.

The TSA gave first notice of the new guidelines in June.

Although security measures appear to be getting more complex, most passengers are willing to comply in the name of safety. Yesterday was the deadline. "Passengers should allow additional time to be checked-in and boarded if travelling to the United States of America from Dubai International Airport".

Passengers flying to the USA on one-stop flights, for example on Singapore Airlines (SIA) via Hong Kong or Frankfurt, are subjected to the tighter checks at the stop-over point. We have a pre-boarding security check for passengers on United States flights.

Korean Airlines President and Chief Operating Officer Walter Cho said, "We are asking customers to show up at the airport early ..."

Passengers who do online check-in have to deposit their bags at dedicated counters at the airport, where they are subject to a short security interview.

A number of airlines affected by the new rules have tried to reassure passengers the new system won't cause delays.

"We advise all customers travelling on our flights to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure".

The new screening process is meant to help avoid bans on certain electronics, like laptops, in the cabin. Travellers were told they had to check in the devices.

The TSA has also further restricted access to aircraft.

Passengers heading to the United States from Dubai will begin facing stricter security measures from Thursday, October 26, Emirates airline has confirmed.

The International Air Transport Association, which represents 275 airlines, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Norwegian Air, for example, has said its passengers flying to the States would receive instructions via text regarding the new procedures and that it would be opening check-in desks for USA flights four hours before departure. Ultimately, it will have to be the passenger.

"It has to be done, and it is additional cost. I don't think the costs have been estimated, but they have been significant", he said.

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