Microsoft Edge for Android now available for Download at Play Store

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Microsoft Edge for Android now available for Download at Play Store

The Dutch DPA mentioned that Microsoft doesn't inform users when it continuously collects personal data about the usage of apps and web surfing behavior in the Edge browser, when the default settings are used. On the Windows Home and Pro versions there's no way to completely turn-off the telemetry system.

Now there are two options for telemetry data in Windows 10. "It turns out that Microsoft's operating system follows about every step you take on your computer". Microsoft does not clearly inform users about the type of data it uses, and for which objective. Not to be outdone in the ongoing browser war, Microsoft is bringing its Edge browser to Android OS.

Vice-Chairman of the Dutch DPA, Wilbert Tomesen, called on Microsoft to give users the "fair opportunity" to decide whether they want their data collected. The DPA has not yet responded to Microsoft's rebuttal, meaning there is definitely more time for this latest saga to develop.

The DPA adds that the firm also makes it impossible for users to give their consent to their personal data being processed.

According to the Dutch DPA, the goal of telemetry is two-fold. Microsoft has been saying that it collects and processes the data from the Windows 10 to secure and improve its products and services, fix issues and keep the devices up-to-date.

These data are called "telemetry data". Also, it is switched on by default that Microsoft may use the telemetry data to show personalised advertisements and recommendations in Windows and Edge, and that app developers may show personalised ads in apps. Microsoft Edge will pull up the reading and information right onto your screen. Microsoft announced Edge as the Internet Explorer replacement for Windows 10; effectively edging out its old browser that was a toast of millions of people back in the days. However, the Continue on PC feature needs Windows 10 Fall Creators update to work which is still in beta.

According to the Dutch DPA, Microsoft has already said that it intends to stop all of these violations of the European Union data protection law.

Microsoft also dismissed the DPA's claims by citing a Fact Sheet, which points to all the privacy improvements introduced in the Creators Update. However, the company made a similar promise previous year to avoid being fined by the French DPA, too, so it remains to be seen if the changes Microsoft plans to make in a future Windows 10 update will indeed follow all of the law's requirements.

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