London introduces 'T-charge' to curb auto emissions

Drivers will have to pay the new 'T-charge' from tomorrow

Sadiq Khan hopes the charge will cut pollution in London

London has today taken drastic steps to clean up its polluted air, with new rules entering into force requiring drivers of the dirtiest cars to pay an extra £10 a day to travel around the centre of the capital.

Starting Monday, most diesel and gas vehicles registered before 2006 - as well as some later models - will be subject to a £10 ($13) "T Charge" when entering central London between 7 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The 10-pounds (13.2 US dollars) so-called T-charge applies to older and more polluting vehicles and will be additional to the current London congestion charge.

That charge is in effect in the same zones at the same time as the T Charge, though it applies to almost all vehicles and costs £11.50 pounds per day ($15).

Mr Khan said: "Since we announced the T-Charge, the amount of the most polluting vehicles coming into the heart of London has fallen by 15% so we're really seeing a change in behaviour and that's what the T-Charge is about".

Mayor Sadiq Khan introduced the toxicity charge, or T-charge, to help improve London's air quality and put newer and less polluting vehicles on the streets. These are vehicles that do not meet standards for both PM and NOx emissions.

"Sadiq Khan tells us he is desperate to clean up London's harmful emissions but this road tax won't make a dent", said Bailey.

Spokesman Simon Birkett said: "The Mayor pledged to restore London's air quality to legal and safe limits and that means he has to do a whole lot more". The new charge is based on estimates that diesel vehicles account for 40% of all air pollution in the city and add to pollution-related health issues for Londoners.

The T-Charge is the first of a series of new rates being introduced in London.

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