Iran: US aiding terrorism if Revolutionary Guards declared terrorists

   SEVERE THREAT Iran is furious the US is planning to blacklist its Revolutionary Guards

DS SEVERE THREAT Iran is furious the US is planning to blacklist its Revolutionary Guards

Elsewhere, Major General Jafari had asserted that Iran plans to resolve regional problems somewhere other than the negotiation table as nothing remains to be said nor anyone to negotiate with. In response, Iran has increased its program's funding.

Therefore, he added, the USA has every right to be angry with the IRGC.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday Tehran will take reciprocal measures against a potential "strategic mistake" by President Trump to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

"It seems the Trump administration understands only swear words, and needs some shocks to understand the new meaning of power in the world", Iranian armed forces spokesman Masoud Jazayeri, who is also a Revolutionary Guards commander, said.

Iran's moderate president Hasan Rouhani won re-election less than five months ago after a campaign in which he called for better ties with the outside world and reform at home, openly criticizing the influence of the IRGC which he accused of backing his hardline opponent.

"Congress didn't ask the president to designate the full IRGC", according to one veteran Middle East policy advisor who lobbies Congress on Iran sanctions.

Trump is set to annouce his final decision on sanctions against the Islamic republic next week.

"It is also loved by the people of Lebanon because it has been a supporter of Lebanon's dignity and independence". "They're wrong and if they stay wrong, lawmakers will eventually make it an oversight issue".

"Whatever they do, we will take reciprocal measures", he added. "The United States retains the authority to respond to Iran's support for terrorism, human rights abuses, and destabilizing activities".

Pointing to "very few states that support the U.S. measures", Rouhani said that Iran's approach is supported by the world, "and even among the USA allies in Europe, there is no party that backs cancelling the deal, since it is an worldwide and not a bilateral one".

Iran's rial has dropped against the US dollar in recent days in a sign of concern about Trump's policy.

Analysts say such a move would have a very limited impact on the Guards, who are already subject to a wide range of sanctions.

Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.), a vocal opponent of the Iran deal, told the Free Beacon that Iran would be wise to back down from its threats.

According to him, if any side fails to stand committed to the deal, it would be tarnishing its own reputation.

Iran's statements mirror those of the United States, with President Donald Trump having recently accused the Islamic Republic of supporting terrorism.

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