Here's What The Trump Administration Wants In Exchange For Protecting DREAMers

Sen. Bob Corker R-Tenn. talks to reporters on June 21

Here's What The Trump Administration Wants In Exchange For Protecting DREAMers

This list of principles is now threatening to break the deal that allows the undocumented thousands of young immigrants to remain as residences legally in the country. This will take place once before accepting the agreement for providing the legal status to 800,000 of those undocumented young immigrants, who had been brought illegally in the country as children. The new proposals came after Trump last month made a decision to end DACA and gave Congress six months to pass a solution he could sign into law.

If there were any fears that Trump was caving in to Democrat demands on a DACA deal - and there were - this immigration plan will quickly dispel them.

At a hearing in the Senate last week with representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, both Illinois Democratic Sen. "Should they be allowed to stay?"

Trump has moved to tense up border security through executive orders.

Attorney General Sessions said the President's proposals were "reasonable" but, more importantly, will work. However, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has made clear on numerous occasions he did not agree with the wall and Mexico would offer no funds towards its construction.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Trump said he would terminate the program.

Two days later, U.S. Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) and other top Latino Democrats were arrested at Trump Tower after engaging in civil disobedience that called for the passage of the DREAM Act.

During the hearing, Dougherty said the administration's immigration priorities include border control, better vetting, reducing visa overstays, reforming non-immigrant business visas and establishing a merit-based system that favors skilled immigrants. Members of the NY congressional delegation, along with Pelosi and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, also called on the GOP to sign a discharge petition that would bring a clean DREAM Act to the House floor for a vote.

The documents released by the White House Sunday read like an anti-immigration wish list. That date, Gutiérrez said, "is going to be a moment of definition" for Democrats. Trump has conceded in recent weeks that much of the frontier is too rugged or remote to require a wall.

But the policies outlined by the White House on Sunday night are likely to push Democrats away from the negotiating table.

It includes popular proposals and key campaign promises such as further crackdowns on "sanctuary cities" that protect illegal immigrants, reducing the number of refugees and the number of unaccompanied immigrants who come to the USA illegally as children.

Trump's list was criticized by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the respective Democratic leaders in the Senate and House.

It's hard to exaggerate just how lopsided the White House's proposal is. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity.

The list represents Republican priorities for immigration and border security, such as tightening the standard for asylum protections, beefing up staffing, cracking down on sanctuary cities, expanding the ways would-be immigrants can be rejected and cutting back significantly on the number of ways that immigrants can obtain green cards in the U.S. by restricting family categories and transforming the employment-based system. "If they are backing off that, we ought to know".

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