Google Clips, a $249 GIF-Making Machine for Your Family

Image AP

Image AP

At today's hardware event, Google has announced a surprise new product: Clips. And it gets smarter over time. It will take short videos which you can trim into GIFs or you can freeze-frame into a picture at the flawless moment. An AI engine snaps photos when you are not even looking or paying attention.

Google have included machine learning capabilities within the camera that allows it to look for good clear stable moments to capture. But, with a nod to privacy, Google says that Clips can still do its thing while offline and not connected to Wi-Fi. It's a little standalone camera that changes how pictures are taken.

You have the ability to pair the Google Clips camera with your smartphone and then you just turn it on while resting it on a flat surface. There's no viewfinder on the camera itself.

To turn on the camera, you simply twist its shutter. The device can be clipped on or set down somewhere, or you can just hold it in your hand. The camera features facial recognition and it detects the faces of people in front of it.

You also have the ability to share photos from directly within the app. It learns over time who people around your home are to capture better shots.

Google Clips is coming soon to the USA only for $249US. Each motion photo moment captured by Clips lasts several seconds and is called a "clip", and they can be browsed using your Pixel phone.

These clips sync wirelessly to the Google Clips app for Android and iOS, and Google Photos users can back up unlimited photos for free. Lastly, the camera is priced at $249.

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