Former FBI chief James Comey reveals secret Twitter account

Some took the tweet to mean Comey was on the verge of announcing a run for the presidency, given his footwear and that he was in Iowa, traditionally the beginning of any presidential campaign.

The account operates under the name Reinhold Niebuhr - a theologian and political commentator who died in 1971 - and has been the subject of investigations from Gizmodo and the New Yorker, among other outlets.

"Reinhold Niebuhr" Twitter account is actually...

Benjamin Wittes, editor in chief of Lawfair and a friend of Comey's, confirmed the account's owner on Twitter.

At the time, the FBI refused to say whether Comey was behind @projectexile7, but the user himself put up a meme reacting to the detailed Gizmodo investigation into the account. Comey himself has neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

Until Monday, however, Comey had not formally acknowledged he was the man behind the account. Some people have even started following me on Twitter because they think I'm channeling Comey or am some secret line into his thinking.

The first reaction, as is always the case when anyone is depicted in running shoes in a Midwestern town, was "he's running". What he could possibly be running for, of course, is unclear - but a quick look back at previous tweets suggests that it may not be an impossibility. The feed earlier Monday included a picture that appears to show Comey standing on a highway in Iowa. Oh, did we mention that the handle is paired with the name Reinhold Niebuhr?

The picture was accompanied by a tweet which said: "Goodbye Iowa". The author of the post promised to "try to tweet in useful ways". Gotta get back to writing.

Comey, who Donald Trump fired in May, is married to an Iowa native whose brother is a staffer for the Republican caucus in the Iowa Senate.

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