ESPN cancels show after one episode

Sam Ponder

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ESPN on Monday dropped its partnership with Barstool Sports after concerns over sexist and misogynistic comments made on one of the website's blog posts and podcast episodes.

"I actually get why ESPN cancelled the show", he said. "While we had approval on the content of the show, I erred in assuming we could distance our efforts from the Barstool site and its content", added Skipper.

The program always seemed a odd fit for ESPN.

The one-and-done "Barstool Van Talk" didn't exactly light up the Nielsen dials - in its Tuesday 1 a.m. EDT slot, the half-hour show averaged 88,000 total viewers, of whom 60 percent, or 53,000 viewers, were members of the hard-to-reach males 18-to-49 demo.

Last week, Sam Ponder expressed her "disappointment" following the premiere of "Barstool Van Talk", which featured Dan "Big Cat" Katz and PFT Commenter. The show often uses a mocking tone for much of mainstream sports media. Portnoy also addressed the controversy in an "emergency press conference" livestreamed on Periscope and posted to Twitter.

After Sterger came forward, some Barstool supporters suggested she was likening ESPN to Barstool, despite not having knowledge about Barstool's inner-workings.

Really, ESPN? You thought that if you put Barstool dudes on the air, they would suddenly embrace Disney's family-friendly attitude? But I don't take back the rift. Barstool ended up digging up some unflattering tweets from Ponder's own history.

ESPN president John Skipper on Monday announced that he had yanked the show from the ESPN2 roster. He just continuously laughed along. People were not happy about that move in the least bit, taking to Twitter in support of Hill and her honesty and her right to free speech. Earlier this month, journalist Elika Sadeghi turned down a job with the company after being asked to agree to a contact clause saying she should expect to be exposed to "offensive speech, sexual scenarios, suggestive gestures, and references to stereotypes" in the workplace.

"I am disappointed that we are promoting a company name that still maintains support for horrific personal attacks against multiple women within ESPN, " she tweeted. "She accomplished what she wanted to get accomplished".

At the time it appeared ESPN was trying to separate the Barstool content seen on TV and the rest of what appears under the Barstool Sports umbrella.

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