Decorah Rotary participating in World Polio Day Tuesday

Bill Gates said he believes polio will be eradicated from the earth this year

Decorah Rotary participating in World Polio Day Tuesday

World Polio Day was celebrated in Pakistan on Tuesday to create awareness about the hazards of the disgusting and potentially fatal infectious disease.

Here is a commercial John Cena filmed for the Gates Foundation and Rotary International in their campaign to end polio.

On Monday in Greensburg, the Greensburg Rotary Club gathered for its annual "This Close" photo of members.

Gates and Rotary are pledging $450 million to ending polio.

It features Cena as a know-it-all who knows everything, including how to solve a rubix cube and how to speak Mandarin, but doesn't know about polio eradication. Since 2013, the foundation has matched $1 for each dollar that Rotary has raised.

"To protect all children from polio, world governments and donors must see through their commitments to fund critical work and support rigorous disease surveillance in both endemic and at-risk polio-free countries", says McGovern. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match Rotary's commitment towards End Polio Now by a two to one ratio. The number of cases has dropped since Rotary started the fight by 99.9%!

Rotarians have helped to immunise more than 2.5b children in 122 countries.

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