Connecticut GOP outlines budget victories ahead of vote

Connecticut GOP outlines budget victories ahead of vote

Connecticut GOP outlines budget victories ahead of vote

They describe their support for a budget that would increase deficits as a concession to the hard political realities they face in pushing for spending cuts, or to the demands of constituents who they say are more concerned about taxes than they are about the debt. Adopting the budget, which has already cleared the Senate, would allow Senate leaders to pass a tax bill with only Republican votes.

"We've asked for tax reform and we've asked for spending reform", said Rep. Scott Perry, Pennsylvania Republican.

"Those willing to go along include several members of the landmark GOP class of 2010, a group of 63 mostly stalwart conservatives who were as critical of their own party's failure to contain the national debt as they were of Democrats", The Washington Posts' Mike DeBonis reports.

Both chambers' plans set 2018 discretionary spending levels at about $1 trillion and anticipate a federal deficit of at least $472 billion next year.

"What's so important here to realize that the House is taking the Senate budget".

As of 2 p.m. Wednesday, which was about five hours before the Senate was expected to vote on a bipartisan budget, there was still no publicly available document.

Senators came to an agreement late Thursday evening on a budget measure that will allow Republicans to continue pushing for a comprehensive overhaul of the USA tax code without fear of Democratic opposition derailing their efforts. Rank-and-file members are frustrated that they still haven't seen details or an actual bill, but were told Tuesday morning that once the budget is approved, they expect to roll out the bill next week.

"I had hoped the meeting this afternoon with our leadership in the House would yield an actual proposal, and we're not there yet", MacArthur said. "The Senate has said you can only have one".

"Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal & couldn't get elected dogcatcher in Tennessee, is now fighting Tax Cuts", Trump tweeted, adding: "People like liddle' Bob Corker have set the USA way back".

"I think we just got to focus on designing a better tax code", he said.

Axing that break could generate almost $2 trillion in revenue over a decade that could pay for other rate cuts.

"If the deductibility of SALT is just wholesale gone, I don't think it can pass the House", he said.

"The only reason we're voting for this budget now is so they can move tax reform next week, and I don't know what's in the tax reform bill other than they're saying SALT is going to be out", Mr. King said.

Rand Paul of Kentucky was the only Republican senator to vote against the budget. "All the indications are we're going to get screwed on SALT". "So we're going to move tax reform forward, and this is the way to do it". An initial version of the budget resolution passed earlier this month by a vote of 219-207, as 218 votes are needed to ensure passage.

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