Another Pixel 2 XL Screen Scandal: Google Investigating Burn

The Verge

The Verge

But, it's not acceptable when Google Pixel 2 XL gets gray dead pixels in just one week!

Google made a significant bet on the smartphone business last month, agreeing to acquire an HTC Corp hardware development team for $1.1 billion.

Note that the iPhone 8 Plus is the only one of these with wireless charging, though: the Pixel 2 XL doesn't offer that. Here's what's happening and why you shouldn't buy this phone yet.

Google is grappling with complaints that its expensive flagship Pixel 2 XL smartphones are suffering from screen "burn in". In a followup comment, dpezet stated that they'll be receiving a replacement unit shortly, and they were given a $10 Google Play credit for their trouble.

The latest issue is display burn in, which is setting in just a week after getting the phone.

Burn-in is when certain visual elements, often parts of the UI like the navigation bar, become permanently discolored so that even when you're looking at something else, you can still see the remnants of previous visuals-or what is known as a ghost image. Redmond had promised that the console would eventually play the classics, looks like they're coming through. However, Google has ensured they are going to fix the problem as soon as possible.

"We put all of our products through extensive quality testing before launch and in the manufacturing of every unit", Google said in a statement. Those using third party stores will still find it hard to get a hold of the new device but stock does seem better if you shop elsewhere. Mashable has confirmed the color shifting on our Pixel 2 XL review unit and you can see it in the video below. If this happens, we also don't know how they will process an exchange or a return for the Google Play. At the moment, the issue is limited to the Pixel 2 XL and not the Pixel 2.

Funnily, only Google Pixel XL 2s seem to be affected by this horrific disease. Indeed, LG has used it before, in its G Flex 2 phones.

It's faint, but you can make out ghosting along the bottom.

The problem highlighted by Alex Dobie of Android Central has been highlighted by others as well.

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