American officials investigating after Air Canada flight lands without approval

New Animation Video Offers Closer Look at Air Canada Near Miss at SFO

New Animation Video Offers Closer Look at Air Canada Near Miss at SFO

A spokesperson said the inbound flight from Montreal was given clearance to land Sunday night, but then air traffic control gave orders to "go around" because it believed another plane may have been in the way.

The incident occured Sunday night when Air Canada flight 781, an Airbus A320, wan preparing to land at SFO.

Air traffic controllers had cleared the plane to land and the flight crew acknowledged the instruction when they were 6 miles away from the airport, Gregor said.

"The Air Canada crew did not acknowledge any of the controller's instructions", Gregor said by email.

The FAA is investigating the incident.

Not the first time Air Canada has had issues at SFOOn July 7, 2017, AC flight 759 appears to fly directly overhead United flight 1.

However, the tower controller was not sure that the runway would be completely clear by the time Flight 781 hit the ground, so he told the crew - repeatedly - to execute a "go-around", a strategy pilots use to buy time on landings by circling the airport.

Air Canada said in a statement Tuesday the crew did not receive any of the dispatches from the tower controller and that the airline is "investigating the circumstances".

Luckily for the plane, the runway was clear of traffic by the time it touched down at 9:26 p.m. "Upon landing the crew was informed the tower had attempted unsuccessfully to contact the aircraft, however the message was not received by the crew", Fitzpatrick wrote in an email.

As part of the probe into why this latest incident occurred, federal investigators will listen to air traffic and cockpit recordings, interview pilots and controllers, and examine communications equipment.

The first incident, which occurred on July 7, could have been the worst aviation disaster in history, with four planes on the taxiway as the Air Canada flight almost landed right on top of them. After landing, the pilot reported a problem with his radio. Federal investigators determined that pilot error caused the plane to arrive too low at the airport runway.

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