Simran Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut is brilliant but that is all

Kangana Ranaut in Simran

Kangana Ranaut in SimranTwitter

It is nearly like Hansal Mehta is attempting a comic story. The 30-year-old divorcee is also particularly allergic to "nice" men. They are all of the opinion that Kangana Ranaut shines in a film that could have been much better. But she is not aware that her real trouble will start from Vegas only. She stays with her parents in Georgia and has a wish to get a separate house. But still, another noteworthy performance from her. Sonam Shah plays the role of the good boy rather well. It is a racy, fun film about a Gujarati housekeeping lady in the U.S. and how she becomes ambitious to get better of her and entered into the world of crime. And left to her own devices, once there by her cousin who only tagged her along as an ally, to catch up with her ex-fiancé, Praful samples the rush of gambling and winning big bucks in a casino. Ranaut has also drawn fire for her explosive comments about Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, the Indian movie industry and others in showbiz.

It won't try to treat a woman as a overtly sexualised object, it won't try to make her a grand feminist hero who has fellow women squealing "who rule d world", it will just be a story about a regular woman. They are not idiots, or criminals but powerless over their addiction forcing them to do things they are not supposed to do and hurt others. Kangana Ranaut who has always been known as the outspoken and brattish is seen playing the similar character on screen with the movie and hence Simran review is quite good. Apurva Asrani laces it with occasional dark humour that works but only in bits and pieces.

It is easy to love her, to feel numb at her loss, to empathise with her situation and to send up a quick prayer for her safety (no? you didn't? just me then? damn!), but Kangana's Praful Patel - just like Hansal Mehta's film - is so flawed, it leaves you with a weird aftertaste. But then again, is she really to be blamed? At the time of writing this, Simran was scheduled to be screened at multiple prime-time shows in most leading multiplexes in Delhi. She refuses sex without protection and shrugs off relationships that are over. Mehta falls for Bollywood this time and cooks a scarcely written unimaginative plot of character that does not need a story to be told out loud. Did Simran run well in the minds of audience? The dialogues are fine but at times are in English, Gujarati and that too without subtitles. Hansal Mehta's direction is fine, the movie moves smoothly but is marred by a script that demands a better understanding of addiction and mood swings. The modus operandi is similar, the "lipstick" robber is in news but strangely, no measures are taken by banks and police. So it often turns into a tedious "please find Kangana Ranaut adorable" project and that's frankly disappointing. She is just terrific. Be it her Gujarati accent, her perfectly relatable eye-rolls at the sight of an attractive man, the way she wrestles with patience and finally disintegrates into a mass of rage while arguing with parents, Ranaut is a treat to watch. Sohum Shah is barely passable as Praful's could-be husband Sameer.

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