National Basketball Association sets a date to vote on draft lottery reform

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Report: NBA Board Of Governors To Vote On Lottery Reform

For example, the three worst teams now have a 25 percent, 19.9 percent and 15.6 percent chance of winning the No. 1 overall pick, respectively. Woj notes that the proposed reform would begin with the 2019 draft.

Teams may have to develop another process to trust if the NBA Draft lottery procedures are amended. The vote will need to receive a two-thirds majority in order for it to come into effect. For example, the team with the worst record could potentially fall to No. 5 instead of the current floor of No. 4.

The proposal would also allow teams to drop further in the lottery. The second-worst record could move to sixth, down from fifth.

At the apex of the Philadelphia 76ers' tanking saga, the board of governors voted down a somewhat more liberal proposal on lottery reform in 2014.

The league's annual draft lottery system comprises of the 14 non-playoff teams.

The NBA competition committee, which is made up of several general managers and coaches, voted on the proposal Thursday in a meeting in Chicago.

This has become particularly a worry for small market teams who have no choice but to build their roster through the draft, given how the last few years have provided a good sample size of putting free agency decisions in the players' hands, making it increasingly hard to retain talent.

"There is a recognition from teams that on one hand a certain amount of resting is just inevitable and appropriate to keep the players healthy, but that they shouldn't be resting multiple starters on the same night", Silver said at his NBA Finals press conference. "And of course, the home team home fans can see that team many times".

The NBA is looking to seriously crack down on teams resting players, especially on the road and in nationally televised games - and they're looking to give commissioner Adam Silver rather significant power to do something about it. Also, star players sitting out games are expected to be on the bench during games and encouraged to be accessible to fans for interaction before the game, sources said.

The Spurs and Cavs are among the teams that have notably rested players during recent high-profile national games.

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