Just-Married Mnuchin Requested Government Jet to Honeymoon, Then Reversed

Trump's tax cut aim doubtful: US treasury secretary

White House 'super focused' on tax reform, says Mnuchin

A Treasury representative said the office considered the utilization of a military flying machine among a scope of choices due to the need to guarantee secure interchanges amid Mr Mnuchin's broadened travel.

This news comes on the heels of a related controversy in which Mnuchin and his wife flew on a government plane to Kentucky on the day of the solar eclipse.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin formally requested to use a government plane for his honeymoon to Scotland, France and Italy earlier this summer.

The treasury inspector-general said it is reviewing the trip "to determine whether all applicable travel, ethics and appropriate laws and policies were observed" in response to public inquiries.

Treasury said it has a practice of considering a "wide range of options" to ensure Mnuchin has access to secure communications, including the possible use of military aircraft.

The request was eventually deemed unnecessary when it became apparent he could access secure communication through other means, the spokesperson said. Well, tonight, there are reports the treasury secretary asked to take a government plane on his overseas honeymoon.

Needless to say, Mnuchin's receiving some criticism, including from Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) of the Senate Finance Committee.

Treasury officials told the Washington Post that the trip was planned around government business, not a personal visit to view the eclipse.

Politico reported that requests to use military jets for personal travel are unusual, but not unprecedented.

"Effectively it was a portable office so that I could be available", he added. At an estimated price of $25,000 an hour, it would have cost tax payers several hundred thousand dollars.

Linton later apologised and, while posing for the cover of Washingtonian magazine wearing a ball gown, acknowledged her Instagram post as "indefensible". A recent Bloomberg poll found that, out of 42 economists surveyed, 23 don't expect Congress to pass tax-cut legislation by their deadline. Adorable! Do you think the U.S. govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?

"At a time of expected deep cuts to the federal budget, the taxpayers have a significant interest in learning the extent to which Secretary Mnuchin has used government planes for travel in lieu of commercial planes, and the justification for that use".

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