Jennifer Garner shares video high after dental surgery

Jennifer Garner cries over 'Hamilton' after dental anesthesia

This Video Of Jennifer Garner High On Laughing Gas And Sobbing About 'Hamilton' Is So Pure

But the ongoing internet trend has gotten the celebrity treatment with a recent Instagram post from Jennifer Garner.

The latest addition to the genre is actor Jennifer Garner, who had an absolute meltdown after a trip to the dentist which she posted to her Instagram.

Can you make out what she's trying to say?

The clip sees the Alias star, 45, in a vehicle being driven home following a visit to the dentist, talking to an unnamed friend on speaker phone.

The actress shared in the caption that she was delirious from laughing gas and novocaine after a dentist visit.

We've seen a lot of dental anesthesia gone wrong videos in our day, and this one tops 'em all.

Then she starts laughing and crying again - garbling her words through her heavily numbed mouth.

"It was so attractive, ' she repeats several times mid tears/laughter, as she urges her friend to 'listen to the song".

"You're welcome", Garner wrote on Instagram, accompanying the video.

"That music is so pretty", Jennifer added while starting to crying. "I said, it's so's so beautiful", drug-affected Jen is seen laughing and weeping at the same time.

Garner is speaking to someone (we're just going to assume it's her "Alias" co-star and Broadway legend Victor Garber) on the phone, but watch and judge for yourself below.

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