Israel endorses an independent Kurdish state

Iraq Prime Minister Haider al Abadi

Iraq Prime Minister Haider al Abadi

Iraq's parliament voted on Thursday to sack the governor of oil-rich Kirkuk over his decision for the northern province to vote in a Kurdish independence referendum opposed by Baghdad.

A Foreign Ministry statement released on September 14 also welcomed the Iraqi parliament vote that rejected the planned Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) referendum on September 25 as unconstitutional, reported Hurriyet Daily.

Ankara has warned Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that there will be a "price to pay" for its insistence on holding an independence referendum later this month, calling on the administration in Arbil to think again. Baghdad has repeatedly criticized the move and the Iraqi Parliament has already voted against the referendum.

There are fears a highly public vote for independence could detract attention from the war against Islamic State and stir up hostilities between the Iraqi government and Kurdish separatists.

The PKK initially aimed to carve out an independent Kurdish state in the southeast although its declared ambitions are now more focused on autonomy and rights.

"He (Kareem) is an elected governor of the council of Kirkuk", said Hoshyar Zebari, a close adviser to President Barzani.

Karim said the US Envoy encouraged him to keep calm after the today's vote to remove him. "This basically mean that the current leaders of Iraq don't want us to be their partners".

"He [McGurk] called me saying that "this is a wrong decision" and that they know that this decision should not have taken place".

Hussein al-Maliki says that all Kurdish lawmakers boycotted Thursday's session, while Arab lawmakers voted in favor.

The article states that a governor of one Iraq's 19 provinces can be dismissed for one of four reasons, including whether public funds have been wasted or negligence.

Kurdistan Region's High Committee of Referendum announced earlier that the poll will be held on Sept 25.

"This referendum is ill-timed and ill-advised, it is not something we can support", he said, regarding the US' backing for the Sep.

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