Indian Woman Arrested for Slapping Army Officer in Viral Video

Harayana Women Slaps Indian Army Officer

Indian Woman Arrested for Slapping Army Officer in Viral Video

A woman, who was seen slapping and abusing a soldier in a video that went viral recently, was arrested by the Delhi Police on Friday after the Indian Army reported the incident.

Kalra got married to an Army officer's son in 1995 and was divorced in 2008 over marital issues. "She then slammed the brakes and forced us to stop".

The incident had taken place in Delhi's Vasant Kunj area. The soldier seems to be trying to reason with her while fending off the assault.Ms Kalra, who lives in Gurgaon, had stopped her Tata Indica vehicle in front of an army truck ferrying soldiers , As Reported By NDTV.

As the traffic stopped, the army jawan walked up to the woman to seek an explanation for her rash driving and refusal to give them way.

Kalra got off from her vehicle and continued to hurl abuses. He got down to speak to her but she abused him and also slapped him a couple of times, they said.

On September 9, a woman was caught slapping an Army Jawan on the streets of Delhi. Cops are claiming that she was unhappy with the driver of the army truck.

Apparently, she stopped her auto in front of an Army truck ferrying soldiers in an alleged case of road rage as there was no signs of collision or provocation for the attack. However, the Army officer had asked his colleague to do a video recording of the incident. She has also been accused of obstructing and assaulting a public servant on duty and "wrongful restraint".

A background check of the woman has revealed that the 44-year-old had recently separated from her husband as was living with her parents in Gurugram of neighboring state Haryana.

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