First Destiny 2 Raid's Light Level Is Between 260 and 280

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First Destiny 2 Raid's Light Level Is Between 260 and 280

Players will need to be in a power range of 260-280 if you want to capitalise on the raid, so the servers being down this afternoon is not going to help if you are aiming to get there fast.

Not everything is smooth sailing though as Bungie announced today on Twitter that a set of gauntlets in Destiny 2 resemble hate speech and are being removed. It's definitely not a good time for numerous most ardent fans, who are trying to get to power level 300 before the raid is released tomorrow.

Having the potential to last hours on end, Raids put a team of six players up against various tasks, puzzles, and enemies, with randomized encounters and items available in order to provide replay ability. While Destiny 2 has been well received by veterans and new players alike, the community has begun to worry about incoming downgrades to public events, thanks largely in part to the extreme backlash that has plagued Bungie since players discovered what the Strike and Crucible reward system would be like.

A small "teaser" has been released by Bungie, although the clip does not reveal a whole lot of information.

Today also marks the first weekly reset in Destiny 2, adding a new Nightfall, Flashpoint, Crucible Call to Arms, Weekly Challenges, Eververse Bright Dust inventory and Clan XP goals.

Destiny 2's first Raid has finally gone live. Do you plan to dig into the Leviathan raid?

Polygon's Daniel Friedman put together an extensive guide on how Destiny 2 players can boost their Power levels up to a respectable number in time for the launch of Leviathan. You will soon discover the who, the what, and the where.

The link above has even more details, but don't read too much into it, as a. you could very well head into spoiler territory and ruin what the Raid might have to offer, and b. nothing's been completely confirmed by Bungie yet, so it may not be happening at all.

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