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Margin Makers: Guide to Destiny 2 merchandise

Defeat an ironmonger in the first Nightfall Strike of Destiny 2

When players found out that the shaders in the game are now treated as consumables, players are accusing the studio of giving in to the trend of corporate greed that has led so many promising developers down the path of anti-consumerism. We'll have to wait for exact numbers to have a clearer picture of Destiny 2's success, but as it stands, it sounds like the game is well on its way to solidifying the franchise as one of the biggest in gaming. In the original Destiny, these shaders were permanent and could be obtained via loot drops and could also be bought from in game vendors.

You can see everything that's coming to Destiny 2 during its first month in the image below.

There are two meters that you can level up in Destiny 2: your Power level and your Character level. The game's real-money currency, Silver, can be spent on an item called a bright engram, which is essentially a loot box. That is where the microtransactions come in.

Margin Makers: Guide to Destiny 2 merchandise
Destiny 2 Players Fume Over One-Time-Use Shaders (And Microtransactions)

In the meantime, one can expect Destiny 2's popularity and player base to continue to grow. One such criticism has been the constant grind that players have to go through to earn shaders within the game. This is now available in the game, but you'll have to have done some serious grinding to have a nice, high Power level.

There was only one major gripe that Destiny players had with shaders: They were an all-or-nothing style choice. Customization will inspire gameplay. Essentially, players will need to keep buying shaders of the same color and type if they want to use it multiple times. Reaching level 20 will increase the likelihood of getting more shaders. A post on Bungie's website confirms numerous details about this first Nightfall Strike, including the name, "The Arms Dealer", and goes on to explain that your task during this activity is to "shut down the operations of an ironmonger providing weapons to the Red Legion".

Now, Noseworthy is a project lead on Destiny 2, a game that wipes the Destiny slate clean for a fresh start, hoping to thrill new players and ensnare new ones with a new villain, an engaging story, and a thorough renovation of complicated structure of the first game.

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