Boxing Odds: Gennady Golovkin a -155 favorite vs. Canelo Alvarez 9/13/17

Canelo Alvarez physique

Now it's time for the real fight of the century

Mexico's former two-division champion Alvarez and De La Hoya both laugh at the suggestion, each understanding the pain that accompanies those punches. With him opening up and throwing his punches in numbers, like he does, it will create chances for Golovkin to strike. That experience could pay off on Saturday.

"This is similar and much bigger than my fight against Mayweather", Alvarez told Sporting News.

Golovkin boasts and impressive undefeated record of 37 wins with 33 knockouts and never being dropped in a single contest, as well as claiming to have never even been dazed.

That's ultimately where it becomes hard to find a fight in recent memory that's an exact match to what Alvarez-Golovkin ultimately offers.

But then Alvarez stepped in and Golovkin agreed to wait to fight that victor. To my mind, this could be the worst scenario for the Alvarez-Golovkin fight as both of them could resort to "fencing" rather than boxing, that can result in a close or lopsided decision.

Golovkin reflected on those trials, which started by uprooting himself to seek more exposure by fighting in Germany.

It is worth noting that some critics have argued that Canelo's failure to knockout a completely outclassed Chavez Jr suggests that he lacks power above his usual weight of 154lbs.

The triple world champion touched down in Las Vegas on Tuesday to begin his final preparations for a fight he has craved for more than two years. It's about pound-for-pound ... old-school ... who's the best? It doesn't matter where.

He added: "I am a big middleweight and don't want to give my advantage away, but there is not a super-middleweight that I fear".

However, during one open media scrum with reporters - Canelo Alvarez took exception to one remark mentioned by a Mexican reporter who brought up something Golovkin said that annoyed him.

"He always wanted to be the best", Loeffler said.

It is likely GGG will dominate the first few rounds with his superior push-away style jab, succeeding in keeping Canelo at the range that suits him best.

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