9th nursing home patient dies following Hurricane Irma

9th nursing home patient dies following Hurricane Irma

9th nursing home patient dies following Hurricane Irma

The agency previously banned the facility from admitting new patients and from receiving Medicaid. The evacuations occurred the following morning after nursing home patients began arriving at the hospital across the street. A death recorded Tuesday of another elderly resident was attributed to the loss of power at the nursing home, according to a release from the Hollywood Police Department. Officials with the facility and staff are cooperating with the investigation and other inquiries.

The emergency measures, which took effect on Saturday, bring nursing homes and assisted living facilities in line with emergency requirements at Florida's hospitals, the governor's office said.

"Chief Lambert advised Anderson to call 911 if there was any reason to believe that the health or safety of patients was at risk". Sharief says local officials gave it that designation using FPL guidance that puts nursing homes into a second tier.

The incident caused Gov. Rick Scott to order all nursing homes to get backup power to run air conditioning during emergencies. The facility's staff did everything possible to seek help from Florida Power & Light to restore power to its air conditioning system knocked out by the storm, the lawsuit claims. Nursing home administrators statewide say they support the governor's proposal but are concerned about the logistical and financial challenges of complying during this hurricane season. While it's reasonable to discuss logistics, no Floridian should fear dying in the heat in one of these facilities because the electricity goes out and there is no air conditioning following a hurricane.

Florida can have zero tolerance for allowing nursing homes and other facilities to keep vulnerable seniors in sweltering, risky conditions when the power goes out.

According to the nursing home's timeline, on Monday night "the building was still cool and the spot coolers were in place maintaining required temperatures".

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