Uttar Pradesh: 30 children died due to oxygen shortage in Gorakhpur hospital

Congress leaders Sonia Rahul Gandhi express pain at UP child deaths

Rahul Gandhi said the BJP government must punish the guilty

He also alleged that the hospital authorities tried to hide the seriousness of the incident.

According to media, grief stricken Yadav asserted that it was extremely unfortunate as families of the deceased were sent off with the dead bodies, even without going through a postmortem.

They had forewarned that the shortage could hit the patients admitted in various wards, specially the children. BRD medical hospital is under chief minister Yogi Adityanath's.

Further speaking about why they stopped the oxygen supply, the HR official further said that the hospital¿s Rs. 68.5 lakh payment is pending and the officials did not pay a heed to their letters and legal notice for the same.

"No one stops supplying oxygen just like that. Let the state submit its report, until then we should not jump to conclusions", said Mishra.

On his part, the chief minister said in a tweet, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought information about the Gorakhpur incident".

The hospital has a special ward for patients of encephalitis.

The district magistrate, Rajeev Rautela, said that the deaths appear to have occurred due to a lack of oxygen.

Chief Medical Superintendent Dr R.S. Shukla also denied accusations that the deaths were due to an oxygen shortage, saying at least 10 were from encephalitis and the rest from "delivery-related issues", without elaborating.

When asked if any action is being contemplated on M/s Pushpa Sales Company, the supplier of oxygen, Singh said a magisterial probe was on, and a report was expected by the evening.

Tewari said the hospital administration, the oxygen supplier and the district administration, must be held guilty and charged for culpable homicide. "Appropriate action will be taken keeping these points in mind".

The hospital, which has become a major centre for children with encephalitis, has treated almost 370 cases in the last two months. "The doctors should not be blamed for this", Azad said.

Opposition Congress Party state chief Raj Babbar said that the horrific incident shows the "insensitivity of the state government". UP Health Minister Siddharth Singh said, "People responsible for this will not be spared". He urged the Opposition parties to not politicise the tragic deaths.

"Our heart goes out to the families of all those young children, who have perished due to sheer negligence or who have died due to sheer negligence", Congress leader Manish Tewari told ANI.

But he said it did not cause the children's deaths as there was a sufficient number of oxygen cylinders to ensure all the youngsters could be treated.

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