Usher reportedly doesn't have herpes, will sue accusers


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Sharpton claims that Usher, born Usher Raymond, never told her that he had herpes before the pair had in sexual intercourse in 2015.

Now, sources close to Usher claim the singer is denying having slept with Sharpton.

The same sources said that while the recording artist "looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels", Usher says he may have brought Sharpton up during a show, but it never went further than that. Two of the accusers, one of whom has tested positive for herpes, remain anonymous, but the other, Quantasia Sharpton, went public with her accusation at a news conference in NY.

The R&B star Usher is being sued by three people who accuse him of not informing them about an alleged herpes infection, before they had sexual contact, The Guardian reports. An hour later, he arrived and after speaking for a while, they had an intercourse.

Sharpton said she was shocked last month to learn that Usher possibly has herpes. He's telling friends that the woman who has accused him, Quantasia Sharpton, is not his type.

A company lawyer filed paperwork in Georgia in response to the first suit, highlighting a clause in their contract which excludes coverage for "bodily injury. arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by (Usher)", reports

Another reportedly told the outlet that he believes it's "an esteem booster" to choose various people in the audience to go onstage.

West Coast rapper The Game is one of the few celebrities giving his two-cents on the herpes allegations.

Prior to suing Usher, Sharpton wrote that she is in "need" of "some money" on social media, casting doubt on her motives. That tweet had 6700 likes as of Wednesday morning. Sharpton's claims have been met with much speculation since admitting she tested negative for the STD.

The presser also included Sharpton admitting she was not now infected with herpes and had no proof that Usher was infected either. In addition, Bloom claims she was contacted by others and may file additional lawsuits.

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