Trump Retweets Meme Of Him Eclipsing Obama

Trump Retweets Meme Of Him Eclipsing Obama

Trump Retweets Meme Of Him Eclipsing Obama

"Proud Trump supporter" Jerry Travone's reimagination of the stages of an eclipse, which shows a grinning Donald Trump gradually obscure a black-and-white photograph of Barack Obama, smacks of a puerility unbecoming of high office.

The Internet, in response, furiously roasted Trump for sharing the post saying it was "embarrassing" for a president to retweet "such a ridiculous meme".

President Trump retweeted the series, titled "The Best Eclipse Ever!" from Twitter user, @JerryTravone. Amid the spectacle and awe surrounding the celestial event, Trump also sparked another deluge of jokes after staring directly at the sun without any protective eye wear while watching the eclipse from the White House with first lady Melania Trump and their son Barron. "They just can't drive".

Social media users were stunned to see Trump use the galactic phenomena to poke fun at the former leader.

In the meme, Trump is the moon that is temporarily passing in front of the sun (Obama).

The sun disappeared behind the moon in a rare total solar eclipse that was seen coast-to-coast across the U.S. for the first time in almost a century on Monday.

Others chose to fight meme with meme.

Suprise! Trump retweeted an Infowars loving racist.

The violence in the tweet drew comparisons with the death of activist Heather Heyer, who was run down by a white supremacist at Charlottesville.

"Donald Trump Rtd me, so he agrees", Holden wrote, confirming that he was calling Trump a "fascist".

While approval ratings are a highly limited method of judging a president's success, it is worth noting that 217 days into his own administration, Obama's approval ratings "eclipsed" Trump's - 51.7 percent to 37 percent. He had recently tweeted a mock video of himself punching a man with a CNN logo super-imposed on his face.

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