Tropical depression forecast to become Tropical Storm Gert today

Tropical wave moves northwest toward US; but landfall unlikely

1 of 2 systems in the Atlantic could bring tropical trouble to SC coast, meteorologists say

A disturbance that has been slowly making its way across the Atlantic since last week has organized and gained strength, becoming the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season's eighth tropical depression, the National Hurricane Center reports.

99L is now moving northwest and might gather strength as upper-level winds become more favorable for its development over the weekend.

The biggest effects will be increased surf and rip current along the US Eastern Seaboard.

At 5 a.m., the center of Tropical Depression No. 8 was located about 310 miles north-northeast of the southern Bahamas. It is not expected to develop into a hurricane, as conditions will not be conducive for such development, AccuWeather reports.

The storm will move northward, staying a few hundred miles away from the East Coast of the U.S. It will make its closest approach to North Carolina late Monday into early Tuesday.

Given Gert's movement and forecast, the Canadian maritime provinces and Bermuda will also be spared a direct impact, meaning Gert will essentially be a fish storm - a tropical system only moving over water throughout its lifespan.

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